MUDOL2 Infinity

MUDOL2 Infinity represents the MUDOL2 Ecosystem v2. MUDOL2 Ecosystem v2, as a casual gaming platform aiming to provide a fun gaming experience to players, will maximize the sustainability of the MUDOL2 ecosystem and contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain games by allowing players to own entertaining gaming experiences of their own through the combination of blockchain technology and the essential fun in games.

◆ Introduction

Although the early blockchain game industry market expanded its ecosystem’s members through a P2E(Play-to-earn) model, It has been built focusing on profit, conclusively creating limits to the mass adoption of the blockchain game industry. Plus, there was insufficient community participation due to the cost of entry such as exchange fees or NFT, and the lack of social aspects, and high hurdles were formed due to elements that created inconvenience in user experience. To solve such problems, MUDOL2 built a hybrid type of Web3 ecosystem with the mobile game 'Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms' utilizing the renowned mobile game IP ‘Hero Blaze’ and absorbing the strengths of an easily-accessible Web 2 game, and this distinctive strategy allowed over a cumulative 1.5 million users to participate in playing the game after the release of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms in 2021. However, the blockchain industry market has gone through big changes ever since 2021, the period we built our Web3 ecosystem. Although the blockchain industry market has experienced rapid growth in the years 2020 and 2021, the market has gone through stagnant periods through incidents that harmed the credibility of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole in 2022. Following the flow of the blockchain industry market, the blockchain game market built on P2E models has also experienced explosive growth and stagnation within short periods. 2024 is the period in which the blockchain technology infrastructure will be actively commercialized in the market. In other words, it will be a period where mass adoption begins. Business models applying and utilizing the technology properly according to their purposes are rising as mass adoption takes place, and the number of personal wallet creations is also constantly increasing. The blockchain gaming market will be the market that leads the mass adoption of blockchain, and we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem accordingly. With our experience in building a Web3 ecosystem from 2021, the MUDOL2 ecosystem will also transition to Ecosystem v2 to contribute to the mass adoption of the blockchain game market.

◆ Challenges

The problem awareness we have developed as we were transitioning to ecosystem v2 is as follows. As for Web2 games, they apply an overcharging model due to increasing development and user acquisition costs, consequentially leading to a decrease in the fun of games and acceleration of user leave. As for Web3 games, they utilize and distribute to the current users their utility in the form of tokens as gameplay rewards predicting the game’s future value, but players only focus on selling the tokens obtained as gameplay rewards due to their limited utility, actually leading to damage in the sustainability of the ecosystem. The blockchain games market that grew based on its P2E, specifically P2P2E(Pay-to-play-to-earn) business model includes the various problems within Web 2 and Web3 games that hinder mass adoption. Hence, the challenges we must primarily face to transition to Ecosystem v2 and contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain games are as follows. The most important aspect for the mass adoption of the blockchain game market is sustainability. For this to be possible, immersive ‘fun’ must be constantly provided, and players must actively ‘participate’ and ‘remain’ in the community (ecosystem). We plan to build Ecosystem v2 by realizing the challenges and applying them to the MUDOL2 ecosystem based on the experience we have accumulated in the Web 2 and Web3 games market.

◆ Solution

Ecosystem v2’s key direction, according to its problem awareness is as follows.

Casual Game

Casual games are easy games with simple mechanisms that require close to zero time and effort to learn and play. These games are built to be played during short periods while commuting to work, going to school, or taking breaks and this kind of accessibility allowed casual games to greatly contribute to the growth of the mobile game market. Casual games have created a revenue of $28.6 billion in the global mobile game market in 2023, and cases like Axie Infinity have also proven the genre’s synergy effect combined with blockchain technology in the blockchain game market as an easy and enjoyable game. We will continue to make attempts to spot new opportunities for sustainability by maximizing player accessibility with casual game genres with simple game mechanisms combined with blockchain technology. These attempts will take place in various methods in Web2, Web3, or hybrid environments.

Web2 Game

The Web2 game market is significantly more developed in size compared to the Web3 game market. When comparing each game market’s AAA games, Web3 games’ monthly active users (MAU) are 0.3% of those of Web2 games.

Moreover, as of June 2022, the number of Web3 games occupies about 0.6% of the mobile games found in the Google Play Store and App Store. Moreover, Web2 games went through long periods of live service, with the potential to maximize sustainability through content. Through Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, we have seen a big number of Web 2 game players naturally transition into and participate in the MUDOL2 ecosystem. In Ecosystem v2, we will make sure that more players participate in the ecosystem and maximize sustainability through our Web2 game line-up.

Social Media Platform, Telegram

Telegram, with its 1.3 billion registered users and 800 million monthly active users, has over 37,000 active cryptocurrency communities and almost all Web3 and cryptocurrency projects have a Telegram community for community interaction. Telegram is attempting to ultimately become a super application like Wechat with its expansions such as various Dapp or payment connections, etc., without remaining as a simple social communication platform.

We have already seen how Wechat has grown and impacted the game industry as a super application in Web2. Many users are needed for the mass adoption of blockchain games, which is why platforms and communities are needed to lower the barriers. The social platform to play this role in Web3 will be Telegram.

We have accumulated sufficient experience regarding the Telegram mini app and bots with our ‘Hero Blaze’ Telegram minigame project. Also, we have experience managing our own Telegram community for a long time and have an extremely high understanding of social platforms with our experience launching and providing services for games through the Korean social platform Kakaotalk. With all this experience, Ecosystem v2 will release games through Telegram to build a strong community.

Beyond P2E, Play to Own

Most early Web3 games have been built based on a P2E model where players receive tokens or obtain NFTs that can be sold for profit. This model was considered an unsustainable growth model from the perspective of Tokenomics, which showed a sharp decrease in the value of the tokens obtained. Furthermore, gaming for profit leads to a decrease in ‘fun’, the greatest motivation to play games. Play to Own focuses on the life cycle and fun in games. We prioritize the fun our players experience and focus on allowing each player to own their own gaming experience for themselves. The Play to Own model is characterized by an NFT-based model where players can create items and assets, and players can play the game and make progress with these NFTs. While players can also receive monetary incentives or sell their assets with the Play to Own model we are aiming to build, We will promote players to own their gameplay experience, and this goal will create an absolutely positive effect on the ecosystem’s sustainability.

NFT Play

Following the Ecosystem v2’s key direction, we will release various NFT collections, and our NFT collections will follow two main directions. Direction #1: The Play to Airdrop model, which has been the new Web3 community meta, has caught our eye. We will go through Play to Airdrop campaigns before releasing our games, release NFT collections that provide distinctive benefits, and proceed with airdrops. Direction #2: You will be able to use your NFT collections in our upcoming Web3 games. With this, we will allow players to focus on having fun playing games and own their gameplay experience. To obtain these NFT collections, the most important thing will be to be a vMUDOL Holder.

Multi Chain

To expand the number of players able to participate in the ecosystem, we will not put limits to support multichain. Ecosystem v2, based on BSC chain, will provide all its features for Klaytn chain as well. With this, players can enjoy the game from various blockchain networks, expanding ecosystem diversity and accessibility.

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