Games within Ecosystem v2 pursue a Play to Own model that focuses on the life cycle and fun in games. The new games to be released in the ecosystem will prioritize players’ entertainment playing games, seeking to allow players to own their own gameplay experience with NFT.

Be the first one to play games within the MUDOL2 ecosystem, and participate in the awesome ecosystem of the future. Our upcoming games will provide you with a marvelous experience.

◆ Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a casual RPG-genre mobile game that burst onto the scene in 2021, and showed astonishingly positive results in the P2E game market. Try enjoying the story of the three kingdoms through Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms to collect over 100 three kingdoms’ Generals, and make them stronger through various General growth systems such as General Summon, General Combination, General Promotion, Equipment Upgrade, Research, etc. Enjoy the casual gameplay with the game’s easy control mechanisms, and enjoy the explosive growth and blazing heroic battles through our idle growth system, without any boring, repetitive gameplay! Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms can be played through the platforms below.

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