Team & Partners

◆ Team

We are 'Natris', a South Korean game developer specialized in casual game genre. We are composed of members from Party Games (currently known as Nexture) and Perple Lab, with experience in developing and providing service for I Love Coffee, Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms for Kakao, Dragon Village M, etc. We have profound experience not only in Korea, but also globally, with experience achieving over $100,000,000 in sales globally. We are capable of developing not only Web2 and Web3 games but also every key technology regarding Web3 such as blockchain, smart contract, security, etc. We have the experience and expertise in creating fun games utilizing blockchain technology. The success that Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms has shown in the early P2E game market with our strategy (Tokenomics, Private sales, DEX, CEX, etc.) that distinguishes us from other games demonstrates our members’ experience and expertise.

◆ Advisors

Trinito (, the company specializing in cryptocurrencies is acting as a strategic investor, and participating as an advisor for Tokenomics, national/international investment attraction support, cooperating partner search support, and strategic decision-making.

◆ Investors & Patrners

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