Staking Guide

To stake MUDOL2 tokens, $MUDOL2 from Klaytn chain are needed. We will show the process for Staking using Dragon Swap and Portal Bridge, hoping that it would assist our holders’ service use experience.

▢ Portal Bridge Portal Bridge is a cross-chain platform supporting bridges for over 30 main blockchain networks. You can use Portal Bridge to send tokens between different blockchains and allows the safe Swap of MUDOL2 tokens.

▢ Dragon Swap Dragonswap is a Klaytn-based Decentralized Exchange, a project from the Defi D2I of project KAIA foundation from Klaytn and Finschia

Step 1. Proced with Klay → MUDOL2 Swap at Dragon Swap

The MUDOL2 – KLAY liquidity pool has been created in DragonSwap, the Klaytn-based Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and $KLAY from Klaytn chain has become available for $MUDOL2 swap. With the guide below we will show the steps for proceeding with the swap, hoping that it would assist your swapping experience. ◆ General Prerequisites - Own $KLAY in Klaytn chain ◆ Proceed with Staking ▢ DragonSwap ( 1. At the Staking menu from MUDOL2 Global Official Site, select DragonSwap.

2. Select Connect Wallet and select MetaMask to connect your wallet.

  1. After connecting the wallet, you can check the connected wallet and the amount of $KLAY owned.

Select the [1] section from below and select $MUDOL2.

  1. After selecting the amount of $KLAY you wish to Swap, tap on Swap. Some gas fee (exchange fee) will cost upon Swapping.

  1. After confirming from MetaMask, you can check the amount Swapped along with the message in DragonSwap.

Step 2. Earn MUDOL2 through Portal Bridge

◆ General Prerequisites - Wallet account creation for token exchange (METAMASK) - Own a least of small amount of $BNB or $KLAY for gas fee (exchange fee) - Own $MUDOL2 in BSC Chain for Swap ◆ Proceed with Swap through Portal Bridge ▢ Portal Bridge ( 1. Access Portal Bridge and select ‘Select network’ from Home

  1. Select BSC from Select Network

  1. Select MetaMask wallet after selecting Connect wallet.

  1. After clicking Select, go to More tokens.

  1. Select BSC Chain at Source, and Klaytn at Target.

  1. After selecting Connect, select MetaMask to set your wallet and select $MUDOL2 token.

  1. Select the amount of $MUDOL2 to be swapped, and click on NEXT to proceed.

  2. Check the gas fee (exchange fee) and tap on NEXT to proceed.

  3. Send the tokens from BSC chain to Wormhole.

  4. Select Approve and TRANSFER to proceed.

  5. Check the Klaytn transfer details at BSC Chain and select confirm.

  6. After switching networks, select REDEEM to select receiving the tokens to Klaytn chain.

  7. Conclusively, some $KLAY gas fee (exchange fee) will cost to receive the tokens to Klaytn chain, and the swap will be completed after confirmation.

◆ Adding KLAY Network and Checking $MUDOL2 at MetaMask

  1. Select the network select tab at the top to add a network in MetaMask.

2. Select [Add a Network Manually] to enter the RPC, URL, Chain ID, Currency symbol, Block Explorer URL, and click on save. Network name: Klaytn Cypress


Chain ID : 8217

Currency symbol : KLAY

Block explorer URL :

3. Select [Import Tokens] to enter $MUDOL2 Token Contract Address

Token Contract Address: 0xfba4969e48ef38e189579f6bd0a7b6469f055564 Token Symbol: MUDOL2 Token Decimal: 18

  1. Check the imported $MUDOL2.

Step 3. Proceed with MUDOL2 Staking

You can proceed with $MUDOL2 Staking in BSC chain and Klaytn chain to earn staking rewards, and own vMUDOL.

vMUDOL holders will receive various priorities within the ecosystem, such as receiving airdrops of NFT collections, or rights to receive them. ◆ General Prerequisites - Own $MUDOL2 in BSC chain or Klaytn chain - Own at least small amount of $BNB or $KLAY for gas fee (exchange fee) ◆ Proceed with Staking ▢ MUDOL2 Global Official Site ( 1. Enter the MUDOL2 Global Official Site, and select the Network you wish to connect in between BSC chain and Klaytn chain after selecting the Staking menu.

  1. You can check the wallet connected to the MUDOL2 Global Official Site after connecting through MetaMask.

  1. Enter the amount of $MUDOL2, and Staking period and tap on Stake to proceed with

  1. Some gas fee (exchange fee) will cost when Staking, and after confirming, your Staking will be completed. After completion, you can check the amount Staked. ※ You can check the amount Staked for both Klaytn chain and BSC chain.

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