For a more enjoyable adventure, own Ecosystem v2’s NFTs.

◆ MUDOL2 Infinity NFT

This will be Ecosystem v2’s limited edition NFT airdropped to vMUDOL holders.

How to Obtain

Staking $MUDOL2 and being a vMUDOL holder will be the first step of this airdrop adventure. Once you have become a vMUDOL holder, stay tuned for the upcoming airdrop dates and participation methods announced in the community.

Various missions to contribute to Ecosystem v2 will be given, and this process will definitely be an enjoyable one. There will be a limited amount of the Ecosystem v2 limited edition NFT minted, and all the NFTs can either be airdropped at once, or at separate intervals.

When the time for Airdrop comes, details on the airdrop will be provided through MUDOL2 community ‘X’ and ‘Telegram’.

Possession Effects

When playing games within the MUDOL2 ecosystem, you can obtain $MUDOL2 as a reward for contributing to the ecosystem. Moreover, even more ecosystem contribution rewards will be granted to vMUDOL holders owning MUDOL2 Infinity NFT.

Moreover, various priority rights can be granted in the MUDOL2 ecosystem, such as the rights to be the first to play a new game, or the early bird participation rights for the NFT minting of a new game, etc. Details on the unique and strong influence of MUDOL2 Infinity NFT will be constantly announced through MUDOL2 communities.

◆ Web3 Game NFT

These NFTs can be used in Web3 games, and you must be a vMUDOL holder for authority to mint them. NFTs will be released separately per each Web3 game.

How to Obtain

The first step to free NFT minting is to become a vMUDOL holder. If you have become a vMUDOL holder, complete the various missions to contribute to Ecosystem v2.

Rules of Web3 games and NFT minting can be different per game. When the airdrop and minting period come close, details will be announced from MUDOL2 communities ‘X’ and ‘Telegram’.

Possession Effects

You can play the Web3 game where the NFT belongs to and use the NFT before the game launches to participate in the various activities within the ecosystem.

Details on the NFT possession effect per game will be further announced on MUDOL2 or each game communities.

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